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Best Practices Across the Atlantic

Over the holidays, I was chatting with a British relative who works in communications.  There were two trends in London that interested me.  First, her company's clients seem to be moving away from speeches and requesting quicker mediums and simplification of complex ideas.  I've sometimes felt crushed by this global "desire for simplification", but it does lead to another point.  The importance of a musician's ability as a good writer has never been SO CRUCIAL as now.  Grant panels will tell us that it is often the best writers, not necessarily the best artists, who wins the grant!  By sim

Why Making Music is Good for You!

I was just helping my daughter with this topic for her school presentation, when my colleague Andrew Cooperstock found this great mini TedTalk:

Today I'm rehearsing Mozart's Sonata K.448 with my friend Larry Graham for our recital next week, and it turns out this is the piece

1) that the U of CA used to show that listening to Mozart can increase your spatial-temporal IQ by 9 points.

Interdisciplinary Equivalents

I took a stroll on the CU campus with a visual artist, and we played around with finding artistic equivalents between visual art and music.  She has found a way to incorporate the element of time into her art, by uploading her art at specific intervals onto social media, over a lengthy period.  (Dancer Twyla Tharp wrote an excellent book on using life rhythm in our artistry called The Creative Habit.)  And I confided that in my recital this week, I used shades of colors and floral fragrances to differentiate related harmonic colors.  (If you are an CSMTA member, you may have seen my article

College Faculty Forum: A Resting Point

Dear College Faculty of Colorado,

Life in academia seems to get faster every week.  Have you been checking your emails every five minutes to manage hundreds of relational threads for your school, only to realize it's 10pm and you haven't had time to practice?  That was me today.  But right here, this brand new online CCF blog, is a safe resting point for us to share thoughts and just to wonder, with no burden of solving the world's problems, but simply starting conversations from our various vantage points across our beautiful state.  Impromptu.