2017 Rising Stars Festival Results

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the 2017 Rising Stars Festival and their teachers! We are very proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best in their future musical endeavors. See below for the results of the 2017 Competitive Division.

Lower Elementary  Piano
1st Place: Flora Quan (Jasmine Steadman, teacher)
2nd Place: Sara Basheer (Jasmine Steadman, teacher)
3rd Place: Annabeth Town (Jeannette Howell, teacher)
Honorable Mention: Sophia Yang (Irene Wong-Ashworth, teacher)

Upper Elementary  Piano
1st Place: Jeanna Park (Chris Kim, teacher)
2nd Place: Madison Suh (Jasmine Steadman, teacher)
3rd Place: Evangeline Davenport (Eneida Larti, teacher)

Junior  Piano
1st Place: Sophie Brants (Joyce Li, teacher)
2nd Place: Desi Silverman-Joseph (Joyce Li, teacher)
3rd Place: Sarah Novak (Beverly Holt Guth, teacher)
Honorable Mention: Karmen Grubisič (Andrew Cooperstock, teacher)

Lower Senior Piano
2nd Place: Hannah Yoon (June Haun, teacher)
2nd Place: Leigha Wyche (Beverly Holt Guth, teacher)
3rd Place: Grace Davenport (David Korevaar, teacher)
3rd Place: Will Smart (Joyce Li, teacher)

Upper Senior Piano
1st Place: Oliver Cenedella (David Korevaar, teacher)
2nd Place: Gippeum Kang (Hae Lim, teacher)
3rd Place: Paul Vejraska (Marjorie Zollner, teacher)
Honorable Mention: Danielle Morin (Christelle Menth, teacher)

Upper Elementary  Ensemble
1st Place: Shuya Edmans & Brianna Tang (Margaret Lo, teacher)

Junior  Ensemble
1st Place: Anna Newman & Nathan Newman (MIka Inouye, teacher)

Lower Senior Ensemble
1st Place: Amy Keisling & Whitney Waite (Dee Boatman, teacher)

Upper Senior Ensemble
1st Place: Claire Greydanus & Micah Rydberg (Joyce Li, teacher)

Upper Elementary  Instrumental
1st Place: Kristie Ko (Alexander Raab, teacher)
2nd Place: Ginevra Strasser (Larisa Lewis, teacher)
3rd Place: Alex James (Larisa Lewis, teacher) Honorable Mention: Valerie Xin (Kirk Miller, teacher)

Junior  Instrumental
1st Place: Casey Reed (Odin Rathnam, teacher)
2nd Place: Levy Kaminer (Larisa Lewis, teacher)

Lower Elementary  Voice
Honorable Mention: Ruby Taylor (Barbara Taylor, teacher)

Upper Elementary  Voice
Honorable Mention: Lauren Clawson (Barbara Taylor, teacher)

Junior  Voice
Honorable Mention: Emma Licht (Anita Chapman, teacher)

Lower Senior Voice
1st Place: Meg Brilleslyper (Barbara Taylor, teacher)
2nd Place: Macy Andrus (Barbara Taylor, teacher)
3rd Place: Christina Grunden (Barbara Taylor, teacher) Honorable Mention: Shir Dallal (Sue Brownson, teacher)