Best Practices Across the Atlantic

Over the holidays, I was chatting with a British relative who works in communications.  There were two trends in London that interested me.  First, her company's clients seem to be moving away from speeches and requesting quicker mediums and simplification of complex ideas.  I've sometimes felt crushed by this global "desire for simplification", but it does lead to another point.  The importance of a musician's ability as a good writer has never been SO CRUCIAL as now.  Grant panels will tell us that it is often the best writers, not necessarily the best artists, who wins the grant!  By simplifying complex ideas...
The second trend concerns a need to cap email communications.  When I am swamped with emails, most of which could have been resolved without me, I feel overwhelmed with the social demand to answer them all as a courtesy, and at the same time, angry that I have no attention left for more important creative work.  Well, my relative tells me that a London company recently decided to ban all emails on Fridays.  When employees needed to communicate, they either walked to another office down the hall, or picked up the phone.  It has produced a miraculous boost to creativity!  What amazing resolve! 

What do you think about this?