A Personal Stage

Last night was our latest Pendulum New Music concert at CU-Boulder. We have had a lot of very active and motivated undergrad composers this year, and it's always interesting to hear about what they're experiencing in this crucial period of their lives.  Somewhat ironically, our public concert stage, with its spotlights and worldwide livestreaming, provides the perfect safe place for them to process their intimate thoughts on personal growth.  And talking to the audience is an important part of our training process.  One student talked about her journey in using dance to process difficult circumstances, and to change her perception of the body as being weak and "destructible" to being a beautiful vehicle of expression. Another student talked about the importance of vulnerability as an artist. I find these moments of sharing to be delightful and precious.  As I mentor these young artists, I am refreshed to know they are growing up and forming their own identities, right here in front of me.  
Taken from the Pendulum New Music Blog, www.cupendulum.com.
Hsing-ay Hsu